30 Dagen Zonder Klagen
Isabelle Gonnissen
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Isabelle Gonnissen is a lady with a mission: to inspire as many people as possible to a positive mindset!

Why should you choose a positive mindset ?

A positive mindset allows you to face challenges and obstacles with an optimistic and solution-oriented attitude, attract positive opportunities and experience greater happiness and fulfillment.

Let a sparkling keynote motivate you to complain less, live more consciously and positively so you can stand in your power and be happier.

Keynotes and workshops are available in English:

Contact us on isabelle@kiespositief.be

30 Days without complaining is nominated for Trends Impact Awards, the prestigious awards for companies that create sustainable value for our society.

30 Days Without Complaining was particularly selected for its positive impact on well-being!

The Award will be presented on Oct. 25, 2023.

Trends Impact Labels Nomines Wellbeing