Keynote 'Find your happiness, choose consciously'

For many centuries, people have been searching for an answer to the question, "What is happiness?" Unfortunately, we are still often in the dark. More than that, it seems that in our busy society with high expectations we have lost our way, resulting in a sharply increasing number of depressions and burnouts. Happiness seems further away than ever.

So what can you do to stay balanced? How do you find happiness? Within yourself. That is the basis of the Choose Conscious principle: everything you need to be happy is already inside you. It's just that the path to it is often blocked. In this keynote, Isabelle Gonnissen therefore first unmasks some important misconceptions and pitfalls that stand in the way of a happy life.

She then provides the seven building blocks of sustainable happiness, each of which will help you get closer to yourself and your authentic values.

The goal? Making the life choices that are right for you, even more so: getting in touch with your breeding ground - the core of your happiness, that place inside yourself where all the answers lie. Happiness is waiting for you. Are you ready for it?


  • Explaining the Choose Aware principle: happiness lies within you!
  • Unmasking misconceptions about happiness
  • Identifying pitfalls that may be standing in the way of your happiness.
  • Providing building blocks to be able to live more authentically and therefore be happier.