Choose Positive 2.0 - the missing link of AI

AI technology improves business performance and productivity by automating processes or tasks that previously required human effort. In addition, AI makes it possible to interpret data on a scale that no human could ever handle. That ability can bring significant benefits to a business.

Yet there are pitfalls that can stand in the way of successful implementation. After all, AI evokes an aversion because it can feel as if humans are being replaced. Cultivating a positive team spirit in which the AI ecosystem receives full support is therefore particularly useful. This lecture calls for approaching AI open minded and with confidence, and for daring to embark on the change journey together.

Choosing positively in terms of your thoughts, your words and your attitude to life is crucial to success. Central to this keynote is the human being in an ever-changing environment: how can we deal with this in a permanently positive way? The keynote is full of tips and tricks so that you can do it too!

Kies Positief 2.0 – de missing link van AI