Keynote 'Boost your motivation, choose positive!'

Positivity in personal and professional life has many benefits. Complaining, on the other hand, affects our well-being and our (work) relationships with others. Complaining and continuing to complain leads to a negative spiral with pernicious consequences.

In this keynote, Isabelle reflects on the influence of an overdose of complaining on our (professional) well-being. It is not always easy to escape this. Not as an individual, but also not as a team member in a professional context.

How do you make a switch in your thinking and choose the positive option? It's a matter of having the right mindset. Central to this keynote is therefore how to choose positively in terms of your thoughts, your words and your basic attitude. Using concrete examples, Isabelle challenges you to make a switch in your thinking. And the nice thing is: if you know how to flip the switch, you automatically infect your fellow man as well.


  • Explanation of the different forms of complaining. One complaint is not the other.
  • The impact of complaining on our well-being and how it can be done differently.
  • Switch and Wake up call for more positivity.
  • You can choose positivity in many ways, both with your thoughts, your words and your attitude.
  • Choosing positively has many benefits.
  • You can do it too! The lecture is experienced as a real motivation boost.

Some reactions of participants:

Ellen De Braekeleer of Colruyt: "Feelgood, from beginning to end. Thank you!!"

Evelyne Bosteels from Belfius: "Isabelle gave us a very inspirational talk about '30 dagen zonder klagen'.. a lot of useful tricks and tips how to succeed! Even if 30 days seems hard to achieve, doing a little bit day by day for 30 days will already make a big difference. Thank you very much Isabelle, keep inspiring other people."

Vanessa Toelen of Lifetime: "That is was fantastic! Learned so much extra, thank you!